Vehicle suspension and alignment damage caused by potholes

The mechanics at Central Automotive Services of Kitchener know that potholes and rough roads are part of life, especially after a hard winter. They’re also familiar with the damage that potholes can do to your car.

A large pothole in the road ahead can’t always be avoided; it can be dangerous to try to swerve around it. So you’re going to be feeling a big bump, and so is your car. Over time those bumps can add up to problems with your suspension and alignment. A big enough bump can even cause your car to “bottom out,” meaning the bottom of your car could hit the road.

The suspension system of your vehicle consists of springs and shock absorbers. These work together to cushion the car from the uneven motion of the four wheels in contact with the road. A sudden shock from a pothole or other obstruction can damage this system. Frequent shocks over time will reduce the lifetime of the components.

Central Automotive Services can diagnose and repair road damage to your suspension system. It is a full-service auto repair facility, family owned and operated by Walter, David and Gary Roth, with a long history of quality service and integrity.

Potholes can also cause problems with your alignment. Wheel alignment adjusts the angles of the wheels so that the tires are properly in contact with the road. Properly aligned wheels travel straight and true, and don’t pull to one side or the other or cause unnecessary vibrations. Misalignment will cause uneven wear on your tires, and reduce the responsiveness and smooth ride of your car. The qualified technicians of Central Automotive Services have the computerized equipment and expertise to ensure your car’s wheels are properly aligned.

Don’t let damage from potholes affect your vehicle’s efficiency and safety. Call Central Automotive services today at 519-745-3761 to book an appointment to have your suspension and alignment checked.

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