Summer versus all-season tires: What’s right for your car?

With warmer weather here it’s time to change your winter tires for summer ones, and Central Automotive Services of Kitchener can help. Walter, David and Gary Roth are the family members who own and operate this full-service automotive repair centre.

Summer tires are more accurately known as three-season tires, as opposed to either all-season or winter tires. Some choose to use all-season tires so that they don’t have to change tires in early spring and late fall; however, these tires are a compromise between the benefits of summer and winter tires. They will not grip in snow as well as winter tires and, conversely, won’t grip as well on damp roads in warmer months as comparable summer tires.

Switching between winter and summer tires is a good choice for a number of reasons. While your initial outlay for two sets of tires is admittedly higher, your overall wear through the year is the same, meaning that both sets of tires will last much longer than one set of all-seasons. You can minimize the inconvenience of making the switch by putting your winter tires on inexpensive rims, saving your higher-quality rims for the spring through fall seasons. This means that the switch-up will be simpler.

Central Automotive Services can advise you about the differences among tire types. They can also do your switch-out for you if you decide to use both summer and winter tires. Their qualified technicians can change your tires for you, whether or not you choose to use two sets of rims. They will ensure the tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. They can also check your wheel alignment while your car is in the shop, to minimize uneven wear on those tires.

Check out all the automotive services on offer at Central Automotive Services by looking at their website at The Kitchener auto shop is located at 453 Courtland Avenue East, and you can call them at 519-745-3761 to arrange to have your tires changed.

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