Safety standards inspections: Keeping us all safe on the road

If you need a safety inspection for any vehicle, Central Automotive Services of Kitchener is a licensed inspection station for the provincial government. For a competitive fee, they will fully inspect your car or truck and provide all the necessary paperwork.

Why do we need safety inspections? The Ontario Ministry of Transportation supervises this program to ensure that cars on the road meet minimum standards of safety, keeping us all safer. Safety certificates are required whenever a used car is sold. You can’t transfer the ownership to the new owner and plate the vehicle without one. This applies whether you are purchasing from a dealership or from a private owner.

The Ministry licenses operators of vehicle repair shops to conduct these inspections. Central Automotive Services is an approved facility. They have the licensed automotive technicians to do the inspections, and meet all the Ministry guidelines and requirements. Once your safety standards inspection is complete your certificate will be issued, provided your vehicle passes all the stringent requirements. This means that the vehicle you purchase is safe to drive on the road; ownership can be transferred, the vehicle registered to the new owner, and plates registered to the vehicle. If there are deficiencies, these must be addressed and the proper repairs or parts replacements done before a certificate can be issued. A safety standards certificate is good for 36 days.

The safety inspection system makes sure that any pre-owned vehicle you purchase is safe and free from major defects. If you are looking to purchase a used car, make sure it has a safety certificate. If not, arrange with Central Automotive Services to have it inspected and certified. Call them at 519-745-3761 to book an appointment to have the vehicle inspected.

Central Automotive Services is located at 453 Courtland Avenue East. Check out their website at to learn more about this family owned and operated car repair and used car sales business.

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