Computerized electronic diagnostics for today’s vehicles

Central Automotive Services of Kitchener is fully equipped with the latest computerized equipment to electronically diagnose your car’s problems. Their automotive technicians are trained in the latest techniques for all European, Japanese and domestic vehicles.

Today’s cars are far more electronically complex than those of several decades before. There is a system of sensors and onboard computer microprocessors that work together to operate your vehicle. There may be more than a dozen processors, functioning in managing the engine and controlling the transmission, the anti-lock braking, navigation and passive safety systems, the tire pressure and even the climate control. All of these systems require complex wiring. Taken together, the electric and electronic components of your car make up more than 30 per cent of its manufacturing cost. This complexity is likely to increase in the cars of the future.

The maintenance and repair of these technologically advanced vehicles requires the appropriate systems at the service centre. With a precise and systematic approach, and the most up-to-date computerized equipment, Central Automotive Services can diagnose your car’s problems and ensure that the right corrective is applied. They have the advanced diagnostic software applications necessary for today’s vehicles. Their technicians are fully trained in the use of electronic diagnostic hardware and software.

Once the technician has diagnosed the problem, they will outline to you the problem and the necessary repairs, and give you an estimate of the cost. There will be no surprises.

You can trust the staff at Central Automotive Services to give your car the service it needs to keep it running smoothly and safely. In addition to electronic diagnoses, they perform a full range of automotive repair services, including complete import, domestic and diesel repairs, government safety inspections, computerized wheel alignments, full air conditioning repairs and used car sales. They also have a courtesy shuttle service to make it easier to fit car repairs into your busy schedule.

Give Central Automotive Services a call at 519-745-3761 to book an appointment for your car’s maintenance or repair at their 453 Courtland Avenue East location. Visit for more information.

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